What is Simpson Protocol Self Hypnosis


  • Being able to use the SP process and connecting to the Superconscious


  • Using SP process means we always get the most beneficial, appropriate, and Optimum outcome from every session


  • Using SP we have triggers – so we can go straight into a deep state from the conscious level – without any formal induction. We just allow our mind to take us into the state


  • Using SP process, we don’t have to have suggestions or even Intentions – as long as we are open to allowing the most appropriate, Optimum and beneficial work to be done at that time



SP is a holistic process – so any issue or situation or challenge can be worked on through SP and SP Self Hypnosis.

The outcome will always be positive – and the outcome is always dependant on you, and the degree to which you allow the process, and Trust the process



As SP Self Hypnosis is open and inclusive it is also easy to make directed audios to any issue – and we are open to offering you specific audio files based on demand. In other words, if you have something you really would like help to work on, by using a directed audio file – ask us